Acknowledge on the donation to NEPHA

NEPHA is nonprofit, non-government, civil and professional organization in longer view working in social health and public health promotion, networking and professionalism development. It supports in the area of public health under the basis of social interest, social need, right approach and professional development.

As per decision made by executive committee and approved by General Assembly of NEPHA, We would decide to generate a fund for straighten of organization along with programme intervention, capacity building and infrastructure development. NEPHA is decided the generation of fund under two categories.

Donation Categories....

  1. Organizational strength and infrastructure development 
  2. Develop basket funds for social intervention and public health development


    1. The fund will be mobilized only in categories on the interest of donor
    2. The donation is maintained through different account
    3. Every donor could see the accounting transparency of donation utilization in donate category
    4. Regular accounting transparency will be maintained and could share if necessary (Donor interest)


Acknowledge to the Donors

The accepted donation will be notified to the respected donor with full of accordance letter with detailing of received amount (Without charge taken by banking process), date of receive, fund of category using and tentative date of start programme in provided mailing address. The further acknowledge will be blooming as per below notified.  


Donor will be acknowledge by keeping standard, as below


Acknowledge By

Donation Amount



 In NRs



 By respective mail and further notified as  per necessary 

 below 1000

 USD 14


 In addition above; will be published in official web  page in flash news system

 1000 to 4999

 USD 15 to 75


 In addition all above; will be coding on granite  stone

 5000 to 24999

 USD 75 to 374


 In addition all above; will be coding on copper  plate

 25000  and above

 USD 375 and above


 In addition all above; will be hanging the donor  photo in mail building forever

100,000 and above

 USD 1500 and above


 In addition above, anybody donor could be develop the infrastructure own his name, own his organization  name or in any memory of any circumstances as per donor wishes


 All the donor information will be published NEPHA annual report and final will be presented in special  souvenir of the project

A donation of funds may be accepted only if the donor feels the easy to donate for development.  All monetary donations should be deposited in an given bank account of NEPHA or directo to central or regional office. We request to submit your information through download the form and send us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Ethical issues

  • The donor name and donation amount will be published only prior to permission taken from respective donor.
  • The donor name and donation will not be used as marketing provision. But anybody want and give the permission fothat then it might be used with full of assurance.


How to donate:

Step1: Deposit wish amount in following bank account 

Agriculture Development Bank


Current Account

Nepal Public Health Association

Step2: Download form, fill and send us


Visit our office (PS: Contact us for non-financial donation) 


Please feel free to contact with us for any information about the donation via

Nepal Public Health Association (NEPHA)

Central Office

Jeet Jung Marg, House no 117, Thapathali height, Kathmandu-11, Nepal

Ph: 00977-1-4248513

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Kind Thank you for your donation  !!!!


Nepal Public Health Association
Phone: 01-5549509, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.