• Development of an organizational structure in the national and regional levels and maintenance of network and co- ordination among the public health professional in the country.
  • Networking public health professional for combined effort
  • Award distribution to those people who are the best in health development and advocacy
  • Organization of trainings, workshops and conferences for the capacity building of the public health professionals.
  • Expansion for networks and relationships with national and international like minded organizations and experiences and resources for relevant public health programs.
  • Establishment of a public health library with relevant audio visual aids and information.
  • Conduction or facilitation for research studies on relevant public health issues.
  • Preparation of a profile of public health professionals and mobilization of their expertise for the development of the sectors.
  • Publication of regular journal and other materials to disseminate health information.
  • Advocacy for establishing a Public Health Councilfor proper guidance of public health education, management and development of the profession.



Research is the prime source of information for policy makers, program managers and professionals to develop national policies, program strategies, and design priority interventions. Apart from this is known on various subject areas is necessary to generate new knowledge, apply that knowledge to program, planning, evaluation and implementation.

  • Carry out disease investigation, lab based research, surveillance and survey on different health and disease aspects.
  • Publication of research journal
  • Conduct survey, rapid appraisal, situation analysis, need assessment for the development of health and development.
  • Undertake human resource and training related research to improve the quality of health development management.
  • Conduct, monitor and coordinate operations and program related research to strength the program.
  • Disseminate the research findings among the policy makers, program managers, researchers, trainers, service providers and other stake holder.
  • Coordinate with other government, non-government and international organizations involved in conducting development related research.
  • Identification of the issues related to the public health profession and to take necessary actions to resolve them.
  • Provision of input to the government and non- government organizations on policy and health care issues for improvement.



  • Organizational leadership and health leadership development training
  • Offer proposal and program development training on health and social development
  • Provide epidemiological assessment, training, evaluation and survey
  • Offer management development training to improve knowledge and develop skills among development managers
  • Develop task based curriculum packages with design to ensure knowledge, skills & attitude of health service providers
  • Provide task oriented and skill based training to different levels of health personnel
  • Train multi-sectoral service providers of GO & NGO on health sector.
  • Team building training and leadership development training



NEPHA provide technical support for project implementation in terms of project strategy formulation, proposal developments and advisory services.

  • Different health related programme implemented individually and jointly with other organization
  • Carrying out the project development is one of the mail objectives of organization. However, close communication with the sponsoring agency is maintained and interim progress reports may be submitted if necessary. Personnel of the contracting agency may join in project development and implementation to ensure full co-ordination between NEPHA and the sponsoring agency.