Accomplished Project

  • Revitalizing PHC to strengthen district health system in different district, NG/WHO
  • Research on strengthen NHTC capacity building strategy, NG/NHTC
  • Water, sanitation and its management study NG/WHO
  • Study on quality assurance in PMTCT provided by different health institution, UNICEF
  • Health hygiene and sanitation promotion in community school of different districts; institute of medicine, NG/NHEICC
  • World longest toilet queue in Nepal , Water Aid
  • District Health indicator production project, WHO CD
  • Study and development of school health and hygiene BCC activities, NG/NHEICC
  • Qualities of care and supervision of public health workforce
  • Education, training and career development of PHWF  in Nepal, TU, IOM
  • Contribution of equity & access programme in increasing the utilization of safe motherhood services in Nepal, NHSPP
  • Women’s reproductive health services in public hospitals ; a case study with gender prospect; institute of medicine
  • Collection and compilation of national prevention and case management guidelines for communicable diseases & reproductive health, Kathmandu


On Going

Name of the Project Date Area Partner
Support development of partnership with academic and training institution to strengthen district health system through public private partnership approach Running PPP in health and academia MOHP/WHO