Voice of Chair Person

Nepal facing triple burden of disease and the health externalities in terms of health service is going up. Pursuing the management of health externalities, we need to act as voices for the interests of people, of everyone around us, to make their lives a little easier, happier, and healthier. NEPHA will generate the advocacy and voices for those who are silent and help those who are in their most vulnerable moments in life. Our success will be judged by people’s conditions in our local, national and international communities and this is actually development in public health and this is major mission of NEPHA also.

I wondered why we don’t bring the same zeal, fervor and courage when we pick up our action and thought. Where instead of willingly or unwillingly fighting for any particular nation we now fight for health and justice among all people. We are all enormously privileged with peace, our personal health and one another. I think this social wellbeing is the essence and the meaning of public health, where the health of each and every one of us is the basic building block to all of us living decent lives. While perhaps our paths are much less straightforward than in warfare, our struggle, our pursuit and our militant devotion to better quality of life and better equity in life is worthwhile.

With that my members, I want to remind us few, to be proud of our professionalism. We are all now the combating forms, of guarding and improving the health of others. We must continually strive for excellence. As the NEPHA motto suggests, we should be the seekers, holders and lifelong advocates of social wellbeing.

Mr. Basant Adhikari
President (NEPHA)