Nepal is a developing country having lots of issue and challenge for public health response and cost effective and efficient intervention management. Nepal faced different challenge of emergencies and re-emergencies of disease, communicable disease burden and in increasing way of non-communicable diseases with equitable health service throughout the country. All both type of communicable and non-communicable diseases could be minimize through the efficient public health action and minimize the curative health expenditure. To blastoff such action a critical mass of public health experts and activists felt to come together for establishment of strong and stay forward organization which could implement the networking among professional and intervention of public health action collaboratively.

To view the context, Nepal Public Health Association was formally established since 1990 under the execution of Mr. Sambhu Lal Shrestha. After the democracy revolution of 2046, the former committee felt that there had need establishment of public health organization that could promote the public health activities and education in Nepal. With this immense, the former members were jointly developed the statute and legally registered in District Administration Office of Lalitpur District.