Public Health Research Center (PHRC), a part of the NEPHA, provides new intelligence, perspectives, and analysis on trends affecting all health related issues. PHRC helps executive decision makers navigate change through primary research and collaborative exchange. Our views are shaped by a network of professionals with executive and day-to-day experience in the health sector. PHRC is led by our member of investigators, research associates, and biostatisticians. Our researchers have graduate training and experience in areas such as behavioral science, epidemiology, preventive medicine, environmental health, social health issues, research methodology, family health, MCH, health services research, and biostatistics. 

PHRC keep an aims to develop as a scientific inquiry in public health research and contributing to its teaching and research programs. The founding philosophy maintains that health promotion and disease prevention activities are the most humane and effective ways to ensure the health and well-being of the community-at-large. Central to its mission statement is the provision of public health initiatives and the pursuit of research that focuses on the health needs of community people locally and elsewhere.

Goal of PHRC

  • PHRC is a non-proprietary, public-domain research institution within a health care system. To serve its goal PHRC conducts and disseminates research and evaluation on
  • The organization, delivery, quality, and cost of health care
  •  Prevention and management of illness.
  • Strategies at the individual, provider, system, community, and policy levels that result in better health outcomes.

Objectives of PHRC

  • Conduct different level of health research
  • Conduct different level of health research and survey about the different public, social, environmental, disease, behavioural, nutritional, health system and NCD issues related to community and disseminate the result.
  • To provide consultancy service in necessary field to strengthen and understanding of health research and make appropriate recommendation.
  • To publish the one journal, article, critics in national and international level
  • To coordinate with national and international level health research council, institute, university to exchange the knowledge, thought and technological methodology.
  • To provide research fellow award to the most deserving researchers during academic.
  • To arrange the discussion forum, dissemination forum, seminar and debates in different research issues

Major Activities

  1. Publication of Journal

For the detail about the Journal of Nepal Public Health Association please click here

  1. Research Fellowship 

  1. Research club