Center pf Policy and Public Health Action (CPPHA) is policy and programmetic center where large of human people could enroll through diffrent public health activities like camping, conference, exhibition etc. This center was established to overcome the deficit public health activities in Nepal. It is organized as a independent and interdepartmental center reporting to the Executive body of NEPHA.

CPPHA serves to coordinate public health-related activities not only within the NEPHA diffrent level executive committee but also inside Nepal and merges public health related activities from community level to decision level. CPHHP partners with the governmental and non governmental organization including with community people too.


CPPHA work supports the development of public policy designed to improve population health and reduce health inequalities in Nepal. Our work influences policies directly related to health such as those being developed and led by the Department’s of Health and national health agencies. This includes working directly of indirectly with state and non state sector to support them in the process of developing evidence-based equitable and public centred health policy submitting evidence based recommendations in public health responses and developing ease of access to health intelligence resources which support national, regional and local on public health policy

Public Health Action

The different professional activities is organizaed by this center. The national and international different public health related day is celebrated by this center. Along this it organized the different type of public health related workshop, seminar, conferences, exhibition.

Vision and Mission

Make aware and support to develop evidence based public health policy and programme to uplft the quality health being through the community level


Equality and equity public health policy and services

Innovation on public policy will based on evidence based practices

Increase partnering and collaborating among the stakeholder to grab the synergistic effect of public health

Makeing aware to community and professional people to create the demand effect on quality of life


1. We also developing own our views on policy of different public health sector on

  • Reproductive health
  • Road safety and health
  • Nutition
  • Health systen and restructuring
  • Human resource for health etc

2. We are going to organize the following activities

  • National health exhibition and knowledge sharing (In every two years)
  • National public health award (In every two years)
  • Public health conference
  • Celebration of public health related day