Center for Professionalism and Capacity Development  (CPCD)



The CPCD was established to respond effectively to the public health development  challenges being faced by individual public health professionals. It provides training on different areana pertaining to public health promotion and development. It serves as a platform for knowledge creation, knowledge sharing and as a catalyst for innovative solutions and ideas for addressing specific public health policy, programme and challenges for achieving more inclusive and sustainable patterns.


Vision and Mission

CPCD for Capacity Development is to become a national centre of excellence for learning, sharing and capacity building. Its mission is to enhance the quality of public health activities through proficient human resource by generating, disseminating and sharing knowledge resources and building capacities for public health development



CPCD aspires to increase public health competency through professionalism and sustainability on innovation. All members should have the opportunity to grow a flourishing productive sector, to increase their participation in public health activities and to safeguard their environment.

  • Every membes able to maintain the public health ethics and implemented in thror own activities
  • No one is left behind in benefiting from NEPHA, and prosperity is shared among professional community.
  • Unique knowledge and resources are combined of all relevant public health issues to maximize the development impact of public health.
  • Enhance capacity of individual people who have necessary


Objectives of CVCD

The overall aim of the center is to strengthen NEPHA's academic partnership, networking efforts, capacity-building, training activities and maintain professional ethics. 


Areas of activities

Its functions are related to the areas of:

1) Knowledge Sharing

2) Training and Education,

3) Joint Innovation 

4) Public Health Dialogue and Speech

5) Strategic Networking and Partnership.


Nepal Public Health Association
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Url: www.nepha.org.np